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May - 2019
Paris Healthcare Week
Paris Healthcare Week
Paris (Parc des Expositions), France
June - 2019
Congrès IHF
Congrès IHF (Ingénieurs Hospitaliers de France)
Villejuif, France
June - 2019
Le Bourget Air Show
Le Bourget Air Show
Paris Le Bourget, France
June - 2019
Klinikimmobilie Frankfurt
Klinikimmobilie Frankfurt
Frankfurt, Germany
November - 2019
Seattle, USA
December - 2019
WorkBoat Show
WorkBoat Show
New Orleans, USA
March - 2019
Behoust, France
SMAES October - 2019
Mexico City

LinkedIn Feed

February 12, 201912:20 PM
Do you want to engineer your future in aluminium and contribute to saving lives, one helipad at a time? We are looking for Project Managers, Area Sales Managers and many more. Visit for all our current vacancies!
January 30, 201910:23 AM
As snow is falling in the Netherlands, we’d like to point out the importance of having a proper winterisation system in place. These photos perfectly show how the helideck on this semi-submersible drilling rig is cleared of snow and ice...
January 22, 201902:42 PM
Ever thought of an aluminium helicopter landing platform for your hospital building? Our aluminium helipads have many benefits, as they are lightweight, fully outfitted, turnkey solutions that require minimal maintenance. For more info on our helipads visit #ThinkSafe #Aluminium...
January 17, 201903:48 PM
3Ts Redevelopment - KSS Air Ambulance flyby A nice helicopter view of the helipad we installed on the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, UK! Video by Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust:
#aluminium #helipad #hospital #Brighton #NHS
Video of both the new helideck and...
January 10, 201911:43 AM
Yesterday our helipad on the Royal London Hospital received a royal visit! Prince William landed a London Air Ambulance helicopter on the hospital’s helipad to mark the 30th anniversary of the LAA. Full article:
December 20, 201812:23 PM
Royal Sussex County Hospital shares first images of new helipad Another UK hospital equipped with a brand new helipad thanks to the efforts of the HELP Appeal - County Air Ambulance Trust:
#Airambulance #hospital #helpappeal #helipad #heliport #aluminium
Thanks to a £1,650,000 donation from the HELP Appeal – the...
December 18, 201803:05 PM
We are preparing cities for the future, by creating modern infrastructure for helicopter transportation. We are happy to have finalised another great new aluminium helipad in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
More info on our heliport solutions:
December 5, 201803:56 PM
Now winter is officially here, temperatures are dropping and some days it might even snow. One can imagine the effect of a helicopter’s downwash on a snowy helipad, so it is safe to say these changing weather conditions can be...
November 29, 201803:20 PM
Last Thursday, America celebrated Thanksgiving. Even though we don't celebrate this holiday in the Netherlands, it did made us think about what we were thankful for this year. Without a doubt, that would be our dedicated employees. We would not...
November 23, 201803:48 PM
Have you met Jill (Class 335)?
One of the incredible liftboats of Montco Offshore.
In 2014 we had to honor to deliver the aluminum helideck for this Self-Elevating Vessel. This was the first ever helideck in the USA that includes...
November 13, 201812:36 PM
Michael Middleton & Rocky Allen are exhibiting today at Healthcare Design Expo & Conference in Phoenix, AZ. Meet these two veteran pilots at booth 1344 to learn all about our aluminum heliport solutions!
#healthcare #airambulance #workatbayards #heliports #aluminum #aluminium #helipad
November 12, 201802:28 PM
Meet Hendrik Kaijim, Jelle Lanting and Peter Hesselink today at the Air Ambulance Conference in London to learn all about our heliport solutions!
#heliports #aluminium #helipad #worldofbayards #airambulance #engineering #emergency #helicopter #safety #conferences #ambulance
November 2, 201802:36 PM
After all these years, the NHS Royal London Hospital's helipad is still one of our favourite helipads in the world. As a heliport manufacturer, we are proud to support the Air Medical Services that save lives every day.
Photo taken...
October 22, 201809:38 PM
Meet Michael, Rocky & Hendrik at #AMTC 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona, at booth 423 to discuss heliport solutions!
#heliportsolutions #aluminium #helipad #safelandings #aluminum
October 1, 201808:11 PM
Carlos Bustamante Motta in a live interview on our Aluminium Heliport Solutions at 5to Congreso del CAM-SAM in Mexico City. You can watch the full interview via the video player under Urban Architecture in Salon 3:
More info here:...
September 26, 201804:35 PM
During last year's World of Health Care, Amanda Mackintosh spoke to Her Majesty Queen Máxima about our hospital helipads. We can't wait to see what World of Health Care 2018 has in store for us!
September 17, 201812:07 PM
Glasgow helipad has 692 landings in three years Robert Bertram, Chief Executive of the HELP Appeal - County Air Ambulance Trust:
“Everyone is aware of the vital roles that hospitals and air ambulances play in treating a critically ill patient, but having a helipad beside the emergency department...
September 14, 201803:51 PM
First helicopter landing on Yverdon helipad
Yesterday the first helicopter landed on the brand new rooftop helipad at Yverdon hospital. It's always a proud moment to see our helipad in operation!
More info on:
#helipad #aluminium #workatbayards #heliport #bayards...
September 5, 201811:22 AM
Testing the firefighting system on 2 brand new aluminium helipads in Germany. More info can be found here:
This photo was taken 2 months ago.
#firefighting #helipad #aluminium
August 28, 201803:19 PM
We are currently working on a helipad on top of a hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Truly a helipad with a stunning skyline view!
More info on our rooftop helipads:
#Heliport #hospital #aluminium #medical #bayards
August 24, 201802:13 PM
It's always a proud moment to see a helideck leave the workshop. On it's way to another happy customer.
More on our heliport solutions:
Photo taken by Kai Struik a couple of months ago.
#helideck #heliport #heliportsolutions #aluminium
August 17, 201810:22 AM
Pre-delivery check on a brand new rooftop helipad in the business heart of Dubai by Jelle Lanting, Bayards UP Manager Service & Maintenance. More info on:
#quality #aluminium #service #heliport #helipad
August 8, 201811:29 AM
One of our helidecks on top of the impressive Borkum Riffgrund 2 Offshore High Voltage Substation. This picture was taken by Robert Nagelkerke during the load-out for Ørsted's offshore wind farm. HSM Offshore BV was responsible for the detailed design (partly),...
July 24, 201808:40 AM
Anywhere, at any height and on any building. We are currently finishing off a brand new rooftop helipad in Dubai on a new World Trade centre. 
More info on our rooftop heliport solutions:
#helipad #mobility #aluminium #dubai #wtc #heliport 
July 19, 201802:37 PM
DeepOcean's impressive power cable installation vessel Maersk Connector with a Bayards helideck. This beautiful vessel was built by Damen Shipyards Group.
More info on our offshore helideck solutions:
#deepocean #vessel #helideck #heliport #damen #bayards
July 18, 201802:34 PM
The world's first winterized, eco-friendly helipad on the Norrlands universitetssjukhus in Umeå, Sweden is now officially in operation!
More  info on rooftop helipads:
#heliport #helideck #ecofriendly #bayards
July 17, 201801:50 PM
WELCOME TO Bayards Heliport Solutions Welcome to the dedicated Linkedin page of our latest venture: Bayards Heliport Solutions, your go-to partner for helicopter landing platforms anywhere in the world - rooftop, elevated, ground or offshore. Get to know us via our brand new website: 
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